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    Strawberry Kombucha Cocktail

    I love using fresh fruit in cocktails. It adds so much flavor with out having to use sugary mixers. Kombucha is also a great mixer to use in drinks. It is tart and fruity and there are so many different flavors to play with. For this cocktail I used Muse and Metta┬ánettle, lemon, ginger kombucha. They are based in Chattanooga, TN but also sell their bucha in Nashville, North Alabama and here in Birmingham. Did you see the grilled strawberry recipe I shared last week? I used some of those strawberries in this drink as well. I didn’t want the extra berries to go to waste and since it was…

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    Cranberry Bourbon Arnold Palmer

    This drink is perfect with or without the bourbon. It just depends on the time of day whether or not I add it. If you are not adding the bourbon just add a little more tea. An Arnold Palmer is traditionally half lemonade half tea. This version is perfect for the holidays because it is refreshing and not too sweet or too tart. To make one drink combine: 1 oz bourbon 1 oz cranberry juice 2 oz sweet tea 2 oz lemonade Stir well and garnish with a lemon wheel. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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