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    Spicy Hawaiian Vegan Burger

    Grilling season is in full swing at our house! We love the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat. I mean we seriously love them. Have you tried them yet? We buy them in the vegan section at Whole Foods. As amazing as they are on their own I wanted to dress them up a little and make a Spicy Hawaiian Vegan Burger. To make the Spicy Hawaiian Vegan Burger you need: Beyond Meat Burgers Buns fresh pineapple Saverne Sriracha raw kraut vegan mayo Yves Veggie Ham deli slices Sriracha Soy Sauce Agave syrup Marinate pineapple slices in soy sauce (2 tbsp), agave syrup (1/2 tbsp), and Sriracha (1/2 tbsp). Cook the…

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    Tomato Salad

    Tomato Salad is a summer classic. It pares so well with basically everything. I know thats a cop out but it’s true! It’s great on its own but also goes with pasta, bread, lettuce, Israeli couscous. There are so many different ways to serve Tomato Salad. To make Tomato Salad you need: 2 cups of cherry tomatoes 1 tbsp fresh oregano 1/4 cup of fresh chopped basil 2 ears of corn 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar Salt and Pepper Start by grilling two ears of corn. After you grill the corn allow it to cool enough so you can cut it off the cob. Add it to…

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    Strawberry Kombucha Cocktail

    I love using fresh fruit in cocktails. It adds so much flavor with out having to use sugary mixers. Kombucha is also a great mixer to use in drinks. It is tart and fruity and there are so many different flavors to play with. For this cocktail I used Muse and Metta nettle, lemon, ginger kombucha. They are based in Chattanooga, TN but also sell their bucha in Nashville, North Alabama and here in Birmingham. Did you see the grilled strawberry recipe I shared last week? I used some of those strawberries in this drink as well. I didn’t want the extra berries to go to waste and since it was…

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    Hello May!

    Goodbye April, Hello May! I hate the heat and humidity of Southern Summers.  So I have been trying to soak in as much of this nice Spring weather as possible before Summer hits full force. I love spending time outside even if it is just in my back yard. We have been doing a lot of vegan grilling. What is your favorite veggie to grill? Have you tried grilling strawberries or other fruit? At the beginning of April we drove up to Nashville for a quick weekend trip. We went to Nashville Vegfest at the Fairgrounds. It was so crowded! It was truly cool to see so many like minded…

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    Grilled Strawberry PB&J Sandwich

    I don’t know how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I have eaten in my life. Hundreds or thousands? They are so easy and effortless to make. Plus they are pretty filling and pack some good protein. PB&Js are normally thought of as kids food but they don’t have to be. I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes changing one simple ingredient and adding some love can make all the difference in a recipe. To make my PB&J sandwich a little more grown up I replaced the sugary processed jelly with grilled strawberries. Fresh fruit on a sandwich! Grilled fruit?! Yes, you can put fruit on a sandwich and…

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    Mini Spring Asparagus Frittata

    Spring is here! and I love a good brunch. So what does that mean? Yep, you guessed it Mini Spring Frittata. I have a love hate relationship with Spring. All the pollen aggravates my allergies but it also means fresh veggies and farmers markets! Asparagus is in season. I saw a few farmers selling it last weekend at the first Spring Pepper Place market. So of course I had to incorporate asparagus into my frittata. Brunch is meant to be an easy meal. Weekends are for relaxing not for working your butt off in the kitchen. These Mini Spring Frittatas may look difficult but they are really easy to make.…

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    Pineapple Chutney

    This is not a traditional Pineapple Chutney. It is more of a modern twist on it. We use this chutney a lot of different ways. It is a great fruit spread on toast as a quick and simple appetizer. Often we even bake it on to a pizza with some black olives and maybe some chopped sun dried tomatoes. It’s very versatile and easy to make. The chutney stands strong on its own but is a great relish condiment to add to different foods. As the pineapple reduces it takes on an almost meaty texture and flavor. I love the salty and sweet flavor combination. To make the Pineapple Chutney you…

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    Golden Beet Stack with Cashew Cheese

    I love beets! I love their earthy flavor. They are a hearty staple in our kitchen. I like golden beets because their flavor is a little mellower and less sweet than red beets. Plus bonus points for not staining my hands.  I wanted to do something different than just the same old boring roasted beets so I went to Pinterest for inspiration. When I found The Tomato Tart’s beet and goat cheese appetizer I knew I could veganize it. My Golden Beet Stack with vegan cashew cheese layers shines as an appetizer or as a stunning main dish. Serve it on its own or maybe with a simple arugula salad. To…

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    Hello April!

    Hello April! Did everyone have a good Easter yesterday? I feel like I was cooking all day long but we had an amazing dinner. I made Maple Dijon Roasted Carrots from Closet Cooking. The flavor was amazing. The roasted carrots were the star of our meal. I loved them! We will be making these again for sure. I also cooked Vegan Spring Potato Salad from This Savory Vegan. Eric liked this more than I did but this recipe is also a keeper. This potato salad will be great for picnics and when we have and endless supply of fresh basil growing out back this summer. The creamy dreamy green sauce was…

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    Running & Hiking Books Spring 2018

    If you like to hike or trail run you will be really excited to hear about three new books that all go on sale April 10th. Two of the books focus on the AT (Appalachian Trail). The AT is a 2,189 mile trail that runs up the east coast from Georgia to Maine. It is longest hiking only footpath in the world. I managed to get my hands on an advanced readers copy of the first book a few days before our recent road trip up to Tennessee so of course I took it with me to read on our trip. It seemed very fitting since part of the AT runs through…

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